HomeAdvisor – TV Spots

Client: HomeAdvisor

Assorted keyframes for HomeAdvisor video ads.

Yellow Tail Wines – TV Spot Pitch

Client: EVB/Yellowtail

Keyframes of some concepts for yellowtail wines pitch deck.

Surfs up
Dingo [ate my baby]
Cuteness Overload

FAME App – Video Concept

Client: EVB/FAME App Development Team

FAME was a social app in development in 2015 thats goal was to optimize your social presence and engagement. Or, to put it in terms normal Millennial humans would use, it makes your posts “blow up.” We proposed to create a fun, visually compelling, highly sharable video to that brought the emotion of that experience to life.

Coffee shop scene, millennials checking their phones for post activity.
As social posts gain traction, things start blowin’ up.
Finally, we’ll make sense of it all and reveal our message in the form of a super.
Final frames and link to app store.

MiO: Flavored Water Enhancer – PreRoll Video

Client: EVB/MiO

Keyframes for MiO pre-roll ads – “Not in my House”
Keyframes for MiO pre-roll ads – “Dam”

Gevalia Kaffe – Promoted Social Videos

Client: EVB/Gevalia

Storyboard for Gevalia Kaffe’s “How to Make Coffee Differently” social campaign