DENVER – Annual Startup Week Shirt

Client: GoSpotCheck

Annual shirt for Denver Startup Week. As a sponsor of DSW, GoSpotCheck would release a new design for this shirt every year, which features intricate illustrations of things that define Denver, i.e beer, snow sports, and an unprecedented amount of beards. Here’s the 2017 version that I illustrated and designed.

Go to Bed Smarter Shirt

Client: GoSpotCheck

One of my fave shirts I got to design as a GoSpotCheck sponsored Develop Denver shirt, to reinforce one of GoSpotCheck’s internal company values “Go to Bed Smarter.”

Level Up Tees

Client: GoSpotCheck

For an internal “Level Up” campaign at GoSpotCheck, channeling some Atari classics.

Startup Brews Beer Labels

Client: GoSpotCheck/Startup Brews

Just like any good Denver startup, GoSpotCheck had a collection of many home-brewers and beer enthusiasts, including myself. Colorado Startup Brews, a competition for local tech companies to show off their home-brewing skills, was something we had participated in and sponsored since its inception in 2014. I was lucky enough to be a part of the event, designing and serving our 2 featured employee-brewed beers. Though victory was swiped from under our noses, we won People’s Choice Award and the event was an overall blast.

‘Reimagine’ – Mural and Brand Collateral

Client: GoSpotCheck

GoSpotCheck’s 2019 ‘Reimagine’ brand messaging was a combined internal manifesto and marketing messaging, focusing on the importance of diversity and uplifting those in the mobile workforce. Illustration and design for mural, layout and illustration for mugs and coasters. Mug and manifesto type collaboration with Brennan Gilbert

2017 GSC Holiday Gifts

Client: GoSpotCheck

Design, illustration, and art direction for 2017 employee and investor holiday gifts. Phrasing derived from an internal company mantra and design based on a varsity-style art direction, reiterating the idea of collaboration and working towards a common goal.